Birthday Blog-How do I begin?

I set up my WordPress account a few weeks ago and of course the first thing I did was to play with the themes. I had to find the perfect theme to represent me. Isn’t that silly? After all, it’s WordPress…not Picturepress or Imagepress or Themepress.

I haven’t posted anything yet because I felt that my first post should be absolutely perfect. I felt alot pressure deciding on the content and the direction my blog should go. My first thought was to talk about being a mom. I love to talk about my children. What mom doesn’t? But, I’ll save that for later.

So, today is my birthday. I thought about birthdays and what they mean and how people celebrate them.

Last night, my daughter told me Happy Birthday, in advance. It slipped my mind and I actually forgot it was going to be my birthday. I told my daughter, who is six, that I forgot about my birthday. To her horror, she exclaimed in her six year old confused voice, “How could you forget your birthday?” I didn’t want to burst her bubble and tell her that when you get older, they don’t really mean so much anymore. It’s really just another day, like any other day of the week. But, I didn’t want to sound so pathetic and I just told her that’s what happens when you get older…you get forgetful.

Now, this morning as I was starting my day, I thought about my birthday. I really don’t like to make a big deal about it. I really don’t want a bunch of gifts or expect others to make a fuss. I’m a simple person. I try to not be vain or boastful about myself.

But, then I thought that maybe instead of thinking that my birthday isn’t a big deal…that I really should be thankful that I had another year, here on this earth. I was fortunate enough to be my kids mom for another year. I was lucky enough for another year, to enjoy my husbands wonderful music and have pizza on Friday’s with my dad. I was here another year to feel the warmth of the summer sun and enjoy my garden flowers for another year.

So, maybe it really is a big deal after all. I am so glad to be here another year and hope to be able to feel this way again…on my next birthday!


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